Unlock the hidden techniques from the universe of stunning photos and confidently showcase your best version in every picture.

Gain access to a course that teaches you how to capture perfect photos anywhere, using just your cell phone. Elevate your everyday photos to cherish precious memories, boost your confidence, and open doors to new opportunities.

You don't have to be “photogenic” to have perfect photos, you just need to learn how to use the right techniques.

You don’t need to be “photogenic” to capture perfect photos; you just need to master the right techniques.

On the internet, there’s this idea that only a lucky few or those with big budgets for photographers can have amazing photos and stand out on social media.

But guess what? That's totally untrue!

The difference between your photos and those perfectly curated ones on Pinterest? It’s all about knowing how to snap the perfect shot in the moment.

It might seem simple, but a small tweak in pose, angle, finding good lighting, and a little bit of editing can make a world of difference.

No matter your body type, once you dive into our classes and start practicing each technique, you’ll feel more confident than ever. Your photos will show off the best version of you, giving you that extra boost to shine in every photo.

Stand out on Instagram, mastering the secrets of the biggest influencers in the world

The Unlock Your Best Image course was designed for anyone who wants to take beautiful and professional photos using only their cell phone. You are going to have access to several classes and learn how to look amazing in every photo and how to capture important moments in unforgettable ways, even when you don’t have friends or family with you to take your pictures.


To stand out and make a living from social media, the number one secret of influencers is: they show their best image in every Instagram post, whether photo or video.


Now you have a chance to master everything you need to know to take amazing photos, attract brands’ attention, and impress your family and friends.

See what you will learn in each module:

Module 1


  • Find Your Body Type
  • Master Arm and Leg Poses
  • Add Curves
  • Look Slimmer
  • Pose Your Face
  • Lear How to Smile
  • Add Movement
  • Perfect Angles
  • Elevate Your Photography Skills with our Comprehensive course on Creating Captivating Poses.

Module 2

Mastering Your Photos:

Using natural and artificial lighting to make your photos look more professional and to help you show your best version.


Learn how to take photos by yourself and how to use different equipments to take your photos to the next level.

Module 3

 Editing Your Photos:

Learn how to change the sky on a cloudy day, remove unwanted objects, add makeup to your videos, and improve your skin.


Learn how to use Lightroom, the app used by all influencers and professional photographers.


You will be able to do this edits within a couple minutes, using only your cell phone.



Over 40 classes, divided into 3 modules, that will help you learn how to take amazing photos

A complete walkthrough to editing photos and videos for social media

Technical support for 1 year, from Monday to Friday

LIfetime Access

Secure your spot and receive exclusive bonuses:

For who wants to learn how to take perfect pictures and make every Instagram post truly unforgettable:

Bonus 01

Couple poses

This material was exclusively developed by me, and it’s a real photo-saver for Instagram.


You’ll have access to a class on how to pose with your partner.


Even if the other person is shy, or insists they don’t know how to take pictures, you’ll understand how to lead the photo and pose the right way, creating an outstanding post.

Bonus 02

Video Editing Course

Learn how to edit videos to make them more dynamic and fun to watch.


This will help you get more views!

Bonus 03

Preset pack with 12 presets to help you edit your photos

Unlock Your Best Image presets


Only for the first 100 students

My first 100 students will get an additional 20 presets (so you need to hurry)

See what the students are saying


You will have access to our classes anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a cell phone, computer or tablet with internet.


The course is 100% online, so you have as much autonomy as possible to watch the classes when and how you want to, respecting your learning process.

The Unlock Your Best Image course is for anyone who wants to:

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Payment Plan

4x US$62

*getting this offer the modules will be released monthly

38 spots only available

Full price: $448

pay only:


Payment Plan

4x US$62

*getting this offer the modules will be released monthly

Who is Bia Beible?

I was a nurse and used to work many hours in the hospital, but in my free time I started studying photo angles and lighting.


I did this because I never had the “perfect body” (the type of body that you see all over the internet), but I wanted to find a way to make my photos as beautiful as the photos that I saw on Instagram.


By testing, failing, and getting it right, I discovered a method, a simple path that anyone can follow to take perfect photos, no matter what type of body they have.

Today I share a little of what I know on my Instagram, where I have already 1 million followers, but I want to go further and give a walk-through of my knowledge to as many people as possible.


Photos are the best way to capture the most special moments we lived, and make it last for eternity.  For this reason, it’s important to learn how to capture these special  moments and our best version. 


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